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Monday, September 9, 2013


This Telexfree review is based on my personal experience of the Telexfree business opportunity and more importantly that of other members in the US.  Telexfree promises to pay members of it’s unlimited long distance service up to $100 per week for up to 52 weeks just for posting one of their preselected ads daily (up to $5200 per year).
What’s the the company track record so far? They launched 12 months ago in Brazil and grew to over 400,000 members strong and produced 23 new millionaires. They have now received their authorization from the attorney general to launch in the US and many predict we’ll see 3-4x the growth seen in Brazil in 2013.


Telexfree Headquarters
The Company Headquarters
225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200
Marlborough, MA 01752
James Merrill is the President of the company with it’s headquarters located at 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200 Marlborough, MA 01752. Telexfree launched in Brazil January 1, 2012. The company exploded gaining 400,000 members in just 12 months.
The products and services are available in over 60 countries right now and growing. Bottom line it’s a real business, with a real location and huge facility. They’re heavily invested in a successful US based launched in 2013 and they’re not going anywhere.


The primary product/service that’s available is an app that allows you to call from any cell phone or land-line to any other cell or land-line and talk as much as you like for one flat rate – $49.90. If you compare unlimited long distance even using skype (which is internet based) you’ll see that for for unlimited long distance from one mobile carrier to any other long distance mobile carrier their prices are competitive.
Now the company also has a business opportunity for all it’s subscribers to participate in if they’re interested and that’s generating a lot of the internet buzz right now and of course is the focus of this Telexfree review too!


When people join Telexfree to promote the business opportunity, they join either with an Ad Central package $299 or the Ad Central Family pack for $1375. So what’s included in each of the packages?
The Adcentral Pack :
  1. 10 licenses of the long distance service values at $49.90 each or a retail value of $499. Your cost is $299, and when these packages are sold to your referrals you’ll get back the $299 your invested plus and extra $200.
  2. A contract allowing you to post 1 ads per day and earn advance commissions up to $20 per week or $1,040 for up to 52 weeks.
The Adcentral Family Pack:
  1. 50 licenses of the long distance service valued at $2495 with your cost being $1375. If you sold all 50 licenses to referrals during the year you would get back your $1375 investment plus $1,120 in retail commissions.
  2. A contract allowing you to post 5 ads per day and earn advance commissions up to $100 per week or $5,200 for up to 52 weeks.
Telexfree Ad Posting
Telexfree Ad Posting
This first level of earnings is made by simply posting your preselected ad/ads daily. The key is being consistent because if you miss a day…you start the week over. These ads have been selected because they work and with you help posting the ads around the internet the company makes sales.
You’ll get paid weekly for this activity from your first 15 days in the business. You do the work you should get paid – regardless of whether it results in 1 sale or 20 sales – that’s what’s different about Telex, everyone that works gets paid.
And that’s just the first level of earning potential there’s more!


  1. My Telexfree Review Wheel
    My Telexfree Review Wheel
    We just reviewed how you get paid for posting preselected proven ads for Telexfree. This is working for the company and for me…checks are being cut. I’ve convinced my wife to do it before getting on facebook and she’s happy to do it after-all it pays for date night :-)
  2. Next you get paid for direct package commissions, $20 for each $299 package or $100 for the $1375 package sales.
  3. You’ll get monthly commissions from service subscribers ($4.99) for as long as they remain on the service. As your team grows, you qualify to get paid through 5 levels of referrals. How powerful could this be? If you referred 5 customers and your team members did the same through five levels you would get a check for $19,000 per month in residual income.
  4. Binary commissions – once you register, the computer system splits people you refer into 2 teams – a left team and right team. Once you’ve referred one person on your left and one on your right and have one person using the service or you subscribe to the service yourself…you qualify for binary commissions.Now anytime someone in your team has one $299 sales on your and on your right you even if you haven’t referred these people…you complete a cycle and you get paid $20. This can happen mutiple times per day. If you purchased the adcentral family pack $1375 and you have one family pack on your left and on your right you get paid an $80 commission. You can earn up to $15,000 per day as part of the compensation plan with only 2 direct referrals.But wait there’s more…
  5. You also get paid is from overrides from the advance commissions your team gets paid from posting ads. Once qualified you’ll get paid through 6 levels of referrals if you simply referred 5 people at the $299 in your first 7 days and everyone did the same even if no sales were generated by your entire team, you would still get paid over $3900 per week in advance commission overrides.
  6. Team cycle bonus pools – once you complete 22 cycles in a day for 20 days straight, in a given month you qualify for a share of 1%
  7. Finally Team Builder Bonuses – when you join at the $1375 level and refer just ten others to do the same within your first 60 become a team builder. As a team builder you no longer have to post 5 ads per day to get your $100 per week in advance commissions and neither do the 10 people that you referred. You now qualify to receive a share in 2% of the total company profits up to $39,600 per month in extra income.
That’s it full Telexfree review of the compensation plan guys – that’s it no circles or complicated diagrams which is just the way I like it.


The only catch I can see with Telexfree is being consistent with posting your ads. It only takes five minutes but you’ve got to remember to post. If you skip a day – you’ll find yourself starting again for that week – never skip! If you don’t have time you can outsource that activity and someone in our team does that for just $17/month.
Here’s what I recommend…”play with the house’s money”. Invest in the Ad Central package, post your ads daily and in around 14 weeks you’ll break even with your investment. Simply take your money out and then re-invest everything you earn from that point forward into growing your business. For example if you purchased the Family pack for $1375, you would start earning $100/week in 7 days.  In 14 weeks you’ve got a business generating $400 monthly without selling – that’s a car payment, a grocery bill…ultimately some nice leverage.
Bottom line the only person who can lose with Telex is the guy who joins and refuses to post ads daily. Everyone else gets paid.


The best thing you can do right now while there are only a few hundred people in Telexfree is secure your spot, start posting your ads and if you can manage it share your results and commissions.
You will get all the advantages of an early adopter including the explosive growth the company will enjoy now that everything is being made ready for the US and English speaking countries but keep in mind not everything has been full translated and updated yet. If you need any help after this Telexfree review, at any stage of the process you have my number and we’ve recorded a team video top help (see step one on the right side of this blog.)
I look forward to working with you and sharing all our team has to offer.

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